Jónás Craft Beer House & Monyo

Hey craft beer fans!
Today, as we walked down the side of the river on the Pest side of town in District 7, we visited Jónás Craft Beer House. The atmosphere was great with cafes nearby and the beer really came as a refreshing main course to the heat of the day. The room was wide with a variety of beer choices with great prices to order from! From the table we sat down in, we could see a wall painted with directions on how a beer was brewed! (You can see photos of it on instagram at @craftbrew_girls_in_budapest) My sister ordered a Budapest pale ale with 4.5% alcohol content that had a soft aroma, was sweet with a low hop, had a honey colored tone that was slightly hazy, and the end taste had a little bit of bubblegum. On the first taste, she could taste the hop that came with a sour kick to wake you up, which is great for those hoping to shake of the drowsiness from the heat. After trying it a second time, the soft earthy and grainy undertones could be explored. To top it off, this pale ale left a gentle aftertaste that only murmured the explosion of flavors one had just encountered.
On the other hand, the beer that I ordered was a red beer by Lindemans Belgian Beer. It was cherry flavored with a 3.5% alcohol content, giving off a strong cherry aroma, a telling of what is to come. My taste buds experienced a sour-sweet jolt with a light buzz and very low hop. For someone who loves sour candy, this is a great illustration of it in the form of a beer. This red beer has perfectly captured the wonderful aroma of cherries and infused it into a brilliant craft beer. If you guys wish to see any photos of Jónás Craft Beer House, click @craftbrew_girls_in_budapest!
Jónás Craft Beer House is set in a great part of town where there is an amazing night life with a beautiful view of the Buda side. At night, everything brightens up like Christmas lights and the atmosphere is wonderful for those wishing to have a nice evening chatting the night away. Hope you enjoy the landscape as much as we did!
Till next time,

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